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It may seem that the video editing of Instagram and Facebook clip is simple due to its short duration. However, in order for the video to be catchy and of high quality, following work should be done.

Preparation – discussion with the customer about the main idea and concept of the future video. It also determines whether you need additional services, animation or graphics. One of the goals is also to adjust the idea according to the latest trends.

Editing – finding and cutting out the best frames from the source so that your video looks amazing, dynamic and attracts attention. Of course you won’t see the footage sticking together, the transitions tend be smooth and invisible.

Creating - choosing computer design elements, animation and special effects.

Promotion video clips for social networks are short videos capable of delivering information to the audience in a short time. Since for example Instagram and Facebook have a limitation on the length of video, it can be quite difficult to create good content. Such materials are used for publication in the stories of user accounts, companies, brands. The main task is to draw attention to a product, service or subscribe to the page.

Setting the goals – production of a video clip  must be consistent with the goals set by the client. It can be a promotion of a product, service or just growing your followers count.

Case study – in order to find the necessary key moments that will be incorporated in the video, it's important to fully explore the footage provided by the clients.

Color – to produce high-quality content it's necessary to create a special atmosphere by giving it a unique color.

Sound – video clips for social networks can be done with sound already present in the material you provided us, but also there is an additional option to overlay desired music for boosting up the atmosphere.

The content for a social networks media is very specific, as it has limitations in format, resolution and duration. The experience and professionalism of our staff allows you to solve problems of any complexity without losing quality. For any detailed info please contact us and visit our pricing  pages.

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